Robert Teague

Contact Robert to discuss one-off and short or fixed term consultancy projects.
Robert qualified in Pharmaceutical Technology working for the West Midlands Region with Special Interest in Sterile Fluids and Bulk Manufacturing. In 1988 Robert transferred to Pharma Marketing and Sales adding a Surgical and Medical Device focus in 1998.

Roberts experience in the Tissue Regen sector began in 2003 when he helped establish market leadership for Geistlich Biomaterials in the Dental and Orthopaedic space.  Taking responsibility for Sales & Marketing Robert establishing the Regenerative Support Team & became a founding member of the International Marketing Team.

Initially for Biocomposites and refined for Regenamed (now Ethoss Ltd) and Sunstar Swiss, Robert’s vision helped transform the Dental Implant Sector by initiating a protocol delivering more bone and reduced healing times through the application of form stable resorbable calcium materials.  Prior to forming Restore Surgical Limited Robert helped pre-revenue start up Calcivis Ltd attract £9m investment by establishing an award-winning brand and global launch plan.

Robert is MHRA Registered as a UK Responsible Person and hold membership of the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry and the Charted Institute of Marketing.

Dr Minas Leventis, DDS, MSc, PhD

Minas is available to supports and instruct UK Clinicians in one-on-one mentoring sessions and lecture on Oral & Implantology with a Special Interest in Difficult Extractions, Control of Soft and Hard Tissue supporting low trauma Implant Protocol.
Dr Minas Leventis holds a PhD (2010) and an MSc (2004) in Oral Surgery from the Dental School of University of Athens, Greece. In 2008 he also attended a post-graduate program in Periodontics and Implantology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany.

Dr Leventis has lectured throughout the world on Regenerative Surgery and is author of numerous Peer Review Articles.  From 2002 to 2014 Minas was Clinical Fellow at the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Dept Athens University where he retains a Teaching and Research position.  Since 2014 Minas has maintained a Private Practice in Central London focused on Oral Surgery, Tissue Engineering and Implant Dentistry whilst providing Consultancy services to Sunstar Suisse, Regenamed (now Ethoss Regeneration) and Bonegraft Biomaterials.

Minas is a member of many prestigious International and British scientific societies, in 2012 he earned the Diplomate status of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), he is a member of Leading Implant Centres and a founding member of ICOI-Hellas (Greece).

Jeff Caddick

Contact Jeff for Independent advice on Implant Prosthetics or Business Consultancy Projects.
Jeff is a qualified Dental Technician with a Degree in Technical Implantology acquired from the Manchester Dental school in 2011.  In addition, Jeff has an Open University Business Coaching Qualification.

For 32 years Jeff developed his Dental Technology Business building a reputation for Innovation & excellent craftsmanship.  Jeff was an early adopter of CAD CAM helping introduce this to the UK Dental Implant Sector.

As the business grew Jeff left the workbench and focused his responsibilities on Business & Customer Relations.  After divesting the business in 2016 Jeff has focused his efforts towards business advice on Financial Planning, Mergers and R&D Applications.
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