Five great reasons to implement Dentin GBR.

With a New Year upon us, we evaluate what we can improve in our daily implant practice whilst providing the best for patients. Regen Store thinks the same and presents here five great reasons to introduce Dentin-sourced KometaBio GBR into your practice.

  1. A tooth is comprised of high-density Hydroxyapatite and Collagen type I with growth factors and stem cells – exactly like bone. By using processed dentin, you are using the GOLD standard – an autologous material that induces and hosts new bone healing.
  2. Patients are already well-informed. Their commitment to treatment will increase when you discuss tooth recycling with no delays to consider their consent on animal or human-derived alternatives.
  3. Using Dentin GBR removes the patient & surgeon trauma associated with autogenous bone harvesting.
  4. When processing teeth you can better match the resorption profile to the case. Be that more bone, more quickly or the alternative of longer-term volume preservation.
  5. A single tooth, dependent on the type can produce between 0.5 and 2.5cc of autogenous, osteoinductive and osteoconductive graft at significantly less cost than alternatives.


Is the technology which drives the process and Winner of the ‘Most Innovative Product Award’ at the French Dental Association Conference 2014. Today, the KometaBio Dentin GBR protocol has an extensive evidence base and an International network of clinicians endorsing its acceptance in everyday Dental practice.

What is the KometaBio Dentin GBR processing sequence?

The process to generate a clean autologous particulate at the ideal pH of 7.2 is simple.

Kometabio Dentin Graft and GBR processing sequence.

Step 1. Prepare the extracted tooth. Remove composites, soft tissue, endo material and decay with a burr.

Step 2. Air-dry the tooth and place it under the blade of a disposable KometaBio chamber on the KometaBio base unit.

Step 3. Press the grind button which spins the blade for 3 seconds followed by the sort button and repeat 3 times until the dentin particulate is sieved into the disposable collecting chambers.

Step 4. Disinfect the dentin particulate using the red-topped KometaBio solution and soak for 5 minutes to remove organic residue. Replace the cleansing solution with a two-stage KometaBio PBS wash.

Dentin graft can be used immediately or stored for use on the same patient at delayed implant placement.

What do I need to introduce KometaBio into practice?

Kometabio dentin processing and GBR consumables kit for tooth recycling

KometaBio Genesis Base Unit controls the process of Dentin grafting GBR and is Available at Regen Store HERE.

KometaBio Consumables Kits include a sterile chamber/blade unit, sterile trays, cleaning and PBS solution plus a sterile pot. Supplied in units of 6 at Regen Store HERE.

KometaBio graft accelerator is an optional step which creates a quicker turnover dentin GBR graft. Available at Regen Store HERE.

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