Guided Implant Surgery

Implants placed free hand are reported to show huge deviations from the ideal which is especially critical for screw retained restorations.

Schultz et al reported that a three-dimensional planning and guiding of the implant cavity preparation resulted in a higher accuracy compared with free-hand implant insertion and that even experienced surgeons would benefit from three-dimensional guidance.

Guided surgery can be combined with immediate load or immediate delayed load when using an appropriately designed implant. Guidance can be provided for the pilot drill or the full surgical process.

The pilot guided technique

Pilot drill templates feature narrow sleeves for a 2-mm pilot drills which create a fixed depth osteotomy.  Kuhl reported no significant differences between partially guided.  Partial guided surgery is a reliable option in simple cases especially when the drill depth can be controlled with stoppers.

Fully Guided Surgery

Fully guided surgery involves a surgical stent to support the full drilling protocol.  Younes et al. (2018) suggested that fully guided surgery “should be the gold standard approach when perfect implant positioning is required.”

The PALTOP fully guided approach combines a surgical guide with a sleeve-in sleeve  contra angle guided system to provide a high accurate method of implant placement. This unique system allows direct irrigation onto the drill, a non-rotating sleeve for reduced friction. Utilising standard drills the Paltop guidance system allows excellent access even in the posterior mandible.  

Planning, 3d Guide and Guided Tools Service

Implant Store support all implant planning options.  Plans are created by our experienced dentists who consider all anatomical aspects prior to proposing implant dimensions and grafting needs. 

A bespoke 3d printed guide with sleeves for pilot or fully guided delivery is available following plan approval. This service starts at only £175 per case for pilot guided approaches. The Paltop fully guided surgical system can be loaned to customers on a case-by case basis from £50.