Degranulation and bone healing.

Healing and early host bone regeneration are both optimised if the graft material is placed in direct contact with the surrounding host bone.  Remnants of degranulation tissue impact directly the body’s ability to regenerate new bone as well as contribute to an infection and potential graft failure.

When planning the protocol for novel form stable synthetic bone grafts (such as Powerbone Putty) I met Dr Efrain Kfir who had the idea to develop a tool to prepare bony surfaces and remove degranulation tissue.  The idea, to incorporate large rough-cut diamonds was a simple one and after evaluation with key opinion leaders was integrated into the protocol as an effective tool to assist site preparation ahead of placement of a bone graft, implant, or both.

Today, this simple tool is acknowledged worldwide as a key contributor to successful hard tissue healing.

Hom-Lay Wang and Boyapati reported that form stability removes micromovements, and encourages blood clot formation, angiogenesis and undifferentiated mesenchymal cell attraction – all critical for hard tissue development.  The author suggests that the ‘scar’ tissue, formed when degranulation is not removed is the ‘soft tissue’ invasion’ described in the hypothesis which supports GBR with barrier membranes. 

Degranulation Burrs- the perfect solution

Degranulation burrs provide the perfect solution for fast and effortless removal of unwanted degranulation tissue at the same time as freshening up the bone bed prior to grafting – especially so in a post-extraction socket.  The critical part of the graft site preparation is optimised in a controlled and predictable way.  Sloughy degranulation tissue is ‘pulled’ off the bone without harm, ensuring an implant or graft can be placed in direct contact with healthy bleeding bone.

Each kit contains:
•                 4 burrs.

Each bur (1mm, 2mm, 2.5 and 3.5mm) has rough-cut diamonds embedded on its surface which “grab” tissue at the same time as ‘polish’ the bone bed. The burs are reusable and autoclavable.

•                  A stainless-steel suction tube.

This small bore suction tube is used simultaneously to lift off collected soft tissue from the diamond head in a 2-handed technique. The suction tube is autoclavable.

•                  A suction tube cleaning brush.

Versatile tool with other surgical applications:

The embedded diamond headed burrs can be used in implantology, periodontal surgery, endodontic surgery, and root removal with maximum safety when working near anatomical structures.

Soft Tissue Removal1,500No
Hard Tissue Prep (Bone or Root2,500Yes
Root Fracture / Amputation (Small Burr only)20,000Yes

See a short video.

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Powerbone Putty: True Bone Regeneration (1) just got easier…

Applied direct from the syringe without mixing, Powerbone Putty is a form-stable fully resorbing synthetic graft. Mouldable in situ, Powerbone Putty does not need a membrane for stabilisation and is more resilient to wash-away than a similar synthetic cement.