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A range of sterile vacutainers for Medical, Dental and Maxillo Facial procedures with a suitable centrifuge such as the Ariston Dental Centrifuge.


  • Yellow, glass, sterile, citrate dextrose anticoagulant, 10ml. Pack of 100.

  • Green plastic, sterile, silicone-coated, 10ml. Pack of 100.

  • Red, glass, sterile, 10 ml, (without additives or silicone coating). Pack of 100.

  • Red, Plastic, sterile vacutainers, 10ml, with 1,5cc ACD solution A (Anticoagulant Citrate Dextrose Solution – Solution A). Individually packaged.

EXAMPLE SHOWN – Plastic, individually packaged sterile, 10ml with anticoagulant available in units of 25.


A-PRF to encourage healing and host regeneration.  Centrifuged and collected A-PRF contains growth factors that support and stimulate bone and soft tissue healing. By stimulating angiogenesis (the formation of new vessels) and implicitly the flow of nutritional and healing factors to the grafted area A-PRF plays an essential role in enhancing results.  A-PRF membrane can be mixed with the bone graft material (See HERE) to create a void scaffold that stimulates cell adherence.

I-PRF is a fluid concentrate rich in platelets and white blood cells, growth factors obtained by blood centrifugation.  I-PRF concentrate is often combined with porous bone graft particulates (See HERE) to create a matrix that stimulates cell aggregation on the graft surface.

As an alternative, a resorbable synthetic or collagen membrane (See HERE) can be pre-soaked in I-PRF liquid for localised enhanced tissue healing.