PRF / PRP Tubes / Vacutainers


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Vacutainers for Medical, Dental and Maxillo Facial procedures

Suitable for all centrifuges.

OPTION. Individual tubes.

RED PLASTIC.  Sterile, 10ml with 1.5cc of Anticoagulant Citrate Dextrose & Buffer Solution. Supplied in packs of 25 individual tubes.

OPTION. MultiPacks of 100.  

  • YELLOW GLASS. Sterile, 10ml with Citrate dextrose anticoagulant. Pack of 100. Typically used for Liquid PRF and Facial Aesthetics. 

  • GREEN PLASTIC. Sterile, Silicone-coated. 10ml. Pack of 100. Typically used for Sticky Bone, Liquid PRF and Facial Aesthetics.

  • RED GLASS.  Sterile, 10ml without additives or silicone coating. Pack of 100. Typically used for PRF membranes.