Autogenous Bone Scrapers (5) 30% less than safe scraper*


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Five (5) Quality sterile disposable autogenous bone scrapers for GBR from Dental Studio – save 30% compared to safe scraper*

A pack of 5 sterile Autogenous Bone Scrapers allows easy collection of autogenous bone from the chin or ramus.

CHAMBER – Constructed from transparent material for easy intra-oral visualisation of collected bone.

BODY – Ergonomically designed for easy intra-oral handling. 

BLADE – Heat-treated sharp blade can be rotated giving 4 fresh edges.  

Safe Scraper, Autogenous bone, GBR

Safe Scraper, GBR, Autogenous bone,  


Collected autogenous bone can be used alone or augmented with blood, PRF, Ti-oss xenograft or synthetic bone to enhance space maintenance and conductivity. For more bone use fully resorbing Powerbone granules or for enhanced graft volume mix with Powerbone Biphasic granules or Ti-oss OCP-coated xenograft.


Protect and contain the bone mix with Resorbable Membranes of Collagen or Synthetic type such as:  

Compare different barrier membranes here:  Transitioning to Synthetic Membrane_Regen Store_May 22


In larger reconstructive cases autogenous bone mix can be used in conjunction with Bionnovation Titanium Mesh contained with Bionnovation Fixation screw alone or supported by the Bionnovation Tenting system. Read more here.  


Bionnovation Autogenous Bone Retrieval System – A reusable and more cost-effective method to acquire autogenous bone.


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