DIVA Sinus Implant (and Graft Kit)


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DIVA is a unique implant for minimum intervention sinus lift procedures. 

  • Low complexity for clinicians
  • Minimised Trauma and Reduced Pain for Patients

Each DIVA kit includes 1 x DIVA implant, 1 x Flowable Synthetic Bone Graft Gel and associated consumables.

Primary Features: As Paltop Dynamic with

  • Hollow lumen and 3 apical holes.
  • Connections for trans implant sinus elevation using injected saline.
  • Connections for trans implant bone graft placement (Flowable bone gel supplied)
  • Valve screw seals implant lumen.

EVIDENCE AND ENDORSEMENT – Hear the experience of Dr Andy Boiangui gained from 0ver 700 successful DIVA placements.

ONLINE TRAINING ACADEMY – Register for the DIVA sinus lift procedure training presentation

DIVA Training Presentation

ARTICLES ABOUT DIVA – Review the main publications supporting DIVA at the developer’s web-site.

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