Prorez - Duel Cure with Bio+


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Prorez Dual-Cure Biocomposite (2 x 5ml) + 20 tips.

Uniquely formulated without BPA, BisGMA, BisEMA, TEGDMA or addition of HEMA.


  • Thixotropic.

  • Easy to place, even in small or narrow cavities, with the dual syringe and its intra-oral tip.

  • Waterproof.

  • Easy to remove with a probe.

  • Fast setting: 45 seconds in self-curing mode.

  • Fluoride release.


  • Temporary filling of inlay and onlay preparations.

  • Temporary filling of abutment tooth pits.

  • Temporary filling of other cavities needing to be protected (After endodontic treatments…)


Elsodent is the first laboratory to work on the biocompatibility of dental materials. ELSODENT provide composites and resins with great physical, mechanical and esthetically performances from biocompatible molecules that cannot be attacked by salivary enzymes.  To achieve this goal, the laboratory modifies formulations, to eliminate the addition of known irritants TEGDMA, Bis GMA, as well as HEMA and their by-products.