Short Final Implant Drills (4) by Komet


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Precision set of 4 frequently used (short) final drills for 3.25mm, 3.75mm, 4.2mm and 5.0mm dental implants.

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Set of 4 (Short*) frequently used final implant drills.

Suitable for dental implants with diameters:

3.25mm (60-70034)

3.75mm (60-70036)

4.2mm (60-70038)

5.0mm (60-70040)

*Short final drills provide:

  • Better access in the posterior region when the limited opening is an issue.

  • More comfort for the patient.

  • An efficient workflow

Produced with a non-reflective matt finish. Each drill is colour coded and shows depth markings and replaces original equipment (long drills) in the Paltop Surgical Kits.

*Long versions available on request.

TUTORIAL VIDEO (Shows earlier long drill type)

By Dr Michael Klein


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We recommend replacing your drills regularly.

All Paltop brand drills are produced by Komet (Germany)