KometaBio Dentin Bone Graft - Consumables Kit


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KometaBio Consumables Kit contains 6 Single-use chambers and 6 Processing kits.

Use in conjunction with the KometaBio Dentin Processing Unit to transform extracted teeth into a clean growth factor rich graft providing:

  • High patient engagement and acceptance. 

  • Osteoinductivity and growth factor/BMP rich environment.   

    • Dentin graft processed with KometaBio contains type 1 Collagen plus growth factors (BMP-2 & TGF) – just like bone.

    • Up to 63% vital new bone.

    • Direct (Ankylosis) shown by histology. (See below)

  • Cost-effective efficiency. 

    • One molar tooth can generate up to 2.5cc of usable graft at a consumables cost of £47.66 (+vat)

  • Multi-Indication Flexibility.


  • Ridge Preservation. (AKA Socket Preservation)

Teeth recycled using KometaBio offer a high-density graft ideal for long-term volume preservation when placed in a freshly extracted and degranulated socket.

  • Immediate Placement Defects.

Use the osteoinductive stem cell and growth factors alone or as supplements to fully resorbable particulates such as adbone BCP or Powerbone Crunch.

  • Sticky Bone.

Combine KometaBio prepared Dentin with a freshly prepared PRF membrane (slug) to create an osteoinductive sticky bone graft. (See separate protocol)

  • Ridge Augmentation.

Use alone or combine KometaBio prepared Dentin Dentin graft with a fully resorbing bioactive synthetic (Here) graft for onlay or inlay procedures. For grafting outside the bone envelope consider combining with slowly resorbing graft of xenograft (Here) or synthetic (Here) origin. 

SPEC SHEETKometaBio_Dentin Graft Protocol_Feb20

When used with the KometaBio Dentin Processing unit the consumables kit allows the creation of a clean growth factor rich autogenous graft from extracted teeth.


Histology slides

Case Studies

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