KometaBio Dentin Graft Processing Unit


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Engage patients and transform extracted teeth into a clean autogenous graft.

Dentin derived grafts provide growth factors* plus the mineral structure to support osteoconduction.  Winner of the ‘Most Innovative Product Award’ at the French Dental Association Conference 2014. 

Use KometaBio Dentin Processor with a Kometabio consumables kit to create a patient-specific graft providing:  

  • High patient engagement and acceptance. 

  • Osteoinductive, growth factor and BMP rich performance.   

    • Dentin graft processed with KometaBio contains type 1 Collagen plus growth factors (BMP-2 & TGF) – just like bone.

    • Up to 63% vital new bone.

    • Direct (Ankylosis) shown by histology. (See attached)

  • Cost-effective efficiency. 

    • One molar tooth can generate up to 2.5cc of usable graft at a consumables cost of £47.66 (+vat)


Suitable for multiple indications such as: 

  • Ridge Preservation. (AKA Socket Preservation)

Teeth recycled using KometaBio offer a high-density graft ideal for long-term volume preservation when placed in a freshly extracted and degranulated socket.

  • Immediate Placement Defects.

Use the osteoinductive stem cell and growth factors alone or as supplements to fully resorbable particulates such as adbone BCP or Powerbone Crunch.

  • Sticky Bone.

Combine KometaBio prepared Dentin with a freshly prepared PRF membrane (slug) to create an osteoinductive sticky bone graft. (See separate protocol)

  • Ridge Augmentation.

Combine KometaBio prepared Dentin Dentin graft with a fully resorbing bioactive synthetic such as Powerbone Crunch or Powerbone Flexible graft for an onlay or inlay procedures. For grafting outside the bone envelope consider combining with slowly resorbing HA-based Ti-oss (xenograft) or adbone BCP (synthetic).




Histology slides



KometaBio Consumable Kit

KometaBio Graft Accelerator Kit


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