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Ora-Aid is a novel self-adhering, socket and soft tissue barrier that seals the wound from pathogens and accelerates healing.

  • Absorbent

  • Patient-friendly.

  • Easy to apply and remove. 

 Ora-Aid self adhering Intra Oral Dressing Ora-Aid self adhering Intra Oral Dressing

Ora-Aid comprises a lower mucosal adhesive layer (i) and an upper protective layer (ii) on a backing film.  When exposed to saliva and blood the lower layer of Ora-Aid becomes adhesive whilst the upper layer creates a smooth protective surface due to the inclusion of a water-insoluble polymer with a mint flavour. 


  • Adhesive – Dressing adhesion is activated in contact with water or saliva.

  • Easy and Convenience – Easy to trim with quick adhesion. 

  • Improved Outcomes – Reduces infection pain and discomfort, Absorbs exudate and Protects the post-operative site from food, brushing and tongue interference.

  • High patient Acceptance – Not bulky and with a pleasant minty flavour, patients find Ora-Aid comfortable to wear, with reduced pain and irritation – especially at donor or suture sites.


  • Extraction site sealing – especially low-trauma open healing sites.

  • Dental Implant and Bone Grafting Sites.

  • Soft tissue graft sites (Recipient and Donor)

  • Crown lengthening. 

  • Canker / Ulcer protection.

  • Prolongs the contact of Flouride varnish application.

  • Protection from orthodontic abrasions.


Ora Aid is available in two sizes. The regular (Red) size is 25 x 15mm and the Large (Green) size is 50 x 15mm. 

Ora-Aid self adhering Intra Oral Dressing     Ora-Aid self adhering Intra Oral Dressing


Trim Ora-Aid to match the shape of the site before opening.  We recommend using a sterile paper or foil template to create the ideal shape.

Remove excess moisture from the site and apply Ora-Aid after peeling off the backing strip. 

Apply pressure to ensure Ora-Aid has adhered


A single suture fixed on the labial and lingual tissues and secured on top of the Ora-Aid will provide an extended application. 



 Topically Applied Oral Wound Dressing     Ora-Aid_Dankook(Eng translation)

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