Soft Tissue Trimmer


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Zirconia Trimmer offers an ideal low trauma, bleed free alternative to traditional scalpels delivering quick and safe soft tissue access with hemostasis. Recommended RPM = 300,000.

Ideal for:

  • Low trauma gingival contouring.

  • Low trauma sulcus widening.

  • Low trauma crown lengthening.

  • Low trauma operculectomy.

  • Low trauma exposure of implants or partially erupted and fractured teeth.

  • Excising cervical caries, granulation tissue and plaque.

A great alternative to scalpels when performing minimal access protocols for extraction, implant placement and bone graft surgeries.

Use without water spray / Safe for enamel / Long product life span / Autoclave safe.

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CASE DOCUMENTATION by Prof. Dror Aizenbud, Deputy Head, School of Graduate Dentistry, Haifa, Israel.