T-Gen Collagen Membrane


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T-Gen outperforms leading collagen alternative (type BG*) with improved:

  • Handling: Excellent tensile strength, fast hydration and high tear resistance – wet or dry, any side up  

  • Barrier Function:  c50% greater than type BG at 12–16-weeks

  • Tissue Integration: c20% greater than type BG due to higher porosity and surface area

CASE STUDIES – Fenestration Defects, Dehiscence Defects, Ridge Preservation and Sinus Perforation Repair:

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Use T-Gen Collagen Membrane with:

Autologous dentin processed as shown Here.

Autogenous bone collected using a scraper (Here) or bone drill (Here) or a particulate bone graft of synthetic, animal or human origin (Here)