Ti-oss Guide Collagen Membrane – costs 30% less than Bio-Gide


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Ti-oss Guide collagen membrane. More membrane, longer function,1 less money 2

Ti-oss Guide is a 15 x 30mm dental barrier membrane composed of Type-1 porcine collagen with:

  • Easy handling: Excellent tensile strength, fast hydration and high tear resistance – wet or dry.  

  • Extended barrier function:  Compared to native collagen membrane (Bio-Gide) with a minimum function barrier time of 12 weeks1

  • Excellent economy: More membrane (15 x 30mm) for less cost compared to 1st generation alternatives2/3


ti-oss guide better than bio-gideDespite significant evidence supporting collagen membranes in GBR, users frequently report premature degradation. This limitation of 1st generation materials and the corresponding reduced barrier function led developers to seek methods to prolong degradation time and increase functional performance.  One example is cross-linking which enhances the durability and mechanical properties of collagen and broadens the predictability of applications (1).

A variety of cross-linking techniques exist with one being the addition of EDC.

Collagen membranes like Ti-oss Guide with EDC cross-linking present favourable structural durability at 8 weeks and greater new bone formation with the support of bone substitute material compared to the membrane alone and bone substitute alone [22]. In a dog model, {EDC cross-linked} membranes contributed to higher and long-lasting osteogenic activity, evaluated by immunohistochemical assay [23] compared to two widely used alternatives (A&B).






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1.Rothamel D., Schwarz F., Sager M., Herten M., Sculean A., Becker J. Biodegradation of differently cross-linked collagen membranes: An experimental study in the rat. Clin. Oral Implant. Res. 2005;16:369–378. 
2.Ti-oss Guide 15 x 30mm (450mm3) = £0.15 / mm3.  T-Gen Collagen 15mm x 20mm (300mm3) = £0.22 / mm3.  Geistlich Bio-Gide 25 x 25mm (625mm3) at £129.86 = £0.21 per mm3. {equivalent to £93.15 for 450 cc3} 
and Geistlich Bio-Gide 30 x 40mm (1240mm3) at £209.94 = £0.17 per cc3 (Wrights, March 2024)