Surgitime Ultra Thin Titanium Mesh by Bionnovation


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Ultra-Thin, Porous Titanium Mesh – the worlds thinnest at only 0.04mm

Achieve vertical and horizontal bone regeneration with Ultra-Thin, Porous Titanium mesh from Bionnovation. Each titanium mesh is only 0.04mm enabling easy trimming and removal.

  • Grade 1 Titanium

  • 34mm x 25mm

  • Perforations of 0.15mm* allow diffusion of interstitial fluid whilst excluding connective tissue and epithelial cells.

    • *A version with larger perforations of 0.85mm is available upon request.


Bionnovation Mesh can be pre-shaped to the defect and fixed with Bionnovaton Bone Screw 1,2 x 3,0 mm or used in conjunction with the Bionnovation Titanium tent system (special tenting screw + fixation screw). 

In certain cases, fixation may not be necessary due to the memory effect of the titanium.

Image shows Bionnovation Tent System with Surgitime 3DL Customisable Titanium Mesh.



Membrane tenting using Bionnovation Tent System with Bionnovation Titanium Mesh, Bionnovation Bone Fixation Screw with bone infill.
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Tent System

Bone Block and Fixation Kit