Bionnovation Ultra Thin Titanium Foil


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Ultra-Thin Porous Titanium Foil – designed for exposed sites

Grade 1 Pure Titanium 34mm x 25mm x 0.04mm thinnest available for easy shaping and removal. 


  • Bio-electrically neutral thanks to the electrochemical passivation*

  • Extremely low biofilm retention.

  • Typically does not require fixation.

  • Easy Removal – often through a micro-incision.


Bionnovation Foil can be used where closure cannot be achieved or could be aesthetically undesirable**. 

Place foil with its edges tucked under the soft tissue by 2 to 4mm to ensure optimal sealing.



Dr. Marcelo Faveri – The Faveri Academy can be found here or on Instagram here.

Clinical Case: Dr Fernando Lima

Clinical Case: Dr Fabio Muzatani

A product from the Bionnovation GBR family


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*Electrochemical passivation alters the crystalline structure the of titanium oxide surface creating an antimicrobial effect.[1,2]

1. Scarano A, Piattelli A, Polimeni A, Di Iorio D, Carinci F. Bacterial adhesion on commercially pure titanium and anatase‑coated titanium healing screws: An in vivo human study. J Periodontol 2010;81:1466‑71.
2. Visai L, Rimondini L, Giordano C, Del Curto B, Sbarra MS, Franchini R, et al. Electrochemical surface modification of titanium for implant abutments can affect oral bacteria contamination. J Appl Biomater Biomech 2008;6:170‑7.

**’Titanium (foil) presented less biofilm formation…suggesting its better indication of exposure to the oral environment’ [3]

3. Resende M, Martinez EF. Topographic characterization and in vitro biofilm adhesion to titanium and polypropylene membranes used for alveolar preservation. J Indian Soc Periodontol 2020;24:316-21.