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‘TopDM is the best implant I’ve ever used’ *

-Easy to place with high clinician satisfaction

  • Thread progressively engages building up torque safely – even in immediate sites or those of poor bone quality.

-Seamless workflow integration

  • Fewer drills and a single platform means efficient placement, less inventory, less confusion and seamless final workflow.

-Great Aesthetics

  • Excellent long-term marginal bone maintenance and excellent tissue emergence.

-Attractive pricing and great service

  • Independent, knowledgeable local supplier with next day delivery, free swap and flexible service levels. 


                                                                         Unified Single Platform

Top DM Technical Specs


Grade 23 (Ti 6AL-4V ELI)* titanium alloy – the ultimate dental and medical titanium delivering:

  • High strength with Lightweight.

  • Good corrosion resistance.

*Use of Grade 23 Titanium Alloy in Dental Implants reduces the potential for fractures – especially around the implant collar whilst allowing narrower diameter implants with uniform internal connections for simplified restoration.

Bioetch surface

  •  A patented double acid etching creates a roughness of 1.3 microns favouring bone deposition. 

  • Eliminates sandblasting* contamination altogether.

*Typically manufacturers use sandblasting to create the optimal surface structures. The titanium oxide layer this creates is shown to leave remnants that are reported to slow healing and even cause failures. Cleaning after sandblasting does not completely remove contaminants.  

Thread Design

  • Bone Engaging Apex.

  • Double Pitch Thread for high torque and excellent primary stability even in poor sites.

  • Expanding cone-shaped core of increasing diameter for the greatest bone to implant contact.   

*For immediate or early loading cases the balance of implant thread design shifts towards increased mechanical stability.  


  • Conical, indexed connection. 

*Reduced bacterial entry and a tighter fit for infra-bony placement


  • Sub crestal placement with drill stop included as standard.

  • Reduced drills and minimised surgical protocol.

  • Single prosthetic platform – restorative simplicity and financial efficiency.

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    TopDM, Conical Dental Implant, Unique Surface, Bioner, Bioetch surface             Bioetch, Unique Surface, Better Healing, No sandblasting

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Since its founding in 1992, Bioner’s activities have been geared toward the local Spanish market. In recent years Bioner began an international expansion without compromising the values that have driven its growth: accuracy and quality of its products, the ongoing collaboration with professionals and prestigious organizations and first-level technical support.

Top DM Surgical Kit, DM+, Simple Implant Kit, Implant drill stoppers, Bioetch

Top DM Surgical Kit


*Oral Surgeon and Leading International Expert Dr Minas Leventis.