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A practice differentiator with accurate results within 15 minutes. Read using Spark D Cube Reader or Spark D Mobile Phone Application.

The Spark D Lateral Flow Test Kit contains everything needed to perform 25 professional in practice/chair-side Vitamin D tests at less than £15 per/patient.

70% of patients are deficient without knowing it and are 3 times more likely to have implant failure than those smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

Patient with low Vit D – what next?


Lateral flow “Sandwich” Assay technology developed by US experts detects Vitamin D2 and D3 in the range of 4 ng/ml – 100 ng/ml with high specificity and no interference of Biotin.

  1. Clean Finger using an alcohol swab and prick finger using a lancet device.

  2. Fill tube of Uni Sampler with Blood.

  3. Place 5 drops of buffer in the vial and insert Uni Sampler continuing blood and shake to mix.

  4. Add 3 drops of mixed solution to the test cassette.

TWO OPTIONS FOR MEASUREMENT – (i) Mobile Phone App or (ii) Cube Reader.

(i) Mobile Phone App (Available from the App Store). Instructions on how to load the app shown below.

  1. After placing 3 drops of mixed solution onto the test cassette – set a timer for 15 minutes.

  2. After 15 mins scan the cassette 3 times as instructed in the app using provided camera card as background.

(ii) Spark D Cube Reader (Available from Restore Surgical – See here)

  1. Set times on Spark D Cube Reader.

  2. Tap Camera Card onto Cube Reader when instructed to do so.

  3. After 15 minutes the Vitamin D result will be displayed.

Awarded 2020 Most Innovative Portable Diagnostics Company by Global Health and Pharmaceutical (GHP) magazine.




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Spark D Re-usable lateral flow reader.

Denta Medical Bone Recovery Supplement.

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