Reduce Implant Failure and Improve Consent

A number of our Dental Implant customers experienced a spate of unexplained early implant failures in otherwise simple and straightforward cases.

This prompted us to investigate the possibility of a Vitamin D deficiency. We learned* that 70% of patients are deficient without knowing it and are 3 times more likely to have implant failure than those smoking 20 cigarettes a day.

As an independent supplier, not tied to any one manufacturer we were able to search suppliers and source a quantitative rapid test kit that fulfils the requirement to identify patients in practice – ideally at the consent stage. What follows is a report from one of our key users.


Here is the report and opinion from Dr Minas Leventis after using the Spark D Rapid Test System in practice using the Cube Reader Device (a mobile app reader is also available).

According to the manufacturer, this CE approved device has high accuracy in measuring serum vitamin D2 and D3 levels.

I used it first on myself and then on my next 10 patients. All patients who were not on supplements were deficient. Patients on supplements were above the normal limit (readings 31 – 42 ng/ml). One patient – a gardener had the highest reading of 68.5 ng/ml.

Patient Engagement

An important ‘added-value’ that I didn’t at first expect was how well engaged my patients were in the test. Everyone was impressed that I could complete an accurate test as part of the consent discussion.

I think my patients appreciated that their dentist pays more attention to evaluating medically and planning their case before having implants, so I believe it is a good idea to offer as a standard during my implant consultations.

Increased Consent

I am sure it contributed to their successful commitment.

Dr Minas Leventis


About Spark D Professional Testing Kit


Spark D was awarded 2020 Most Innovative Portable Diagnostics Company by Global Health and Pharmaceutical (GHP) magazine. It is a lateral flow test blood test that detects Vitamin D2 and D3 in the range of 4 ng/ml – 100 ng/ml with high specificity and no interference of Biotin.


  • Prick finger using a lancet device.
  • Fill Uni Sampler with Blood to mark shown.
  • Place 5 drops of buffer in the vial and insert Uni Sampler continuing blood and shake.
  • Add 3 drops of mixed solution to the test cassette.
  • Measurement takes 15 minutes using the Spark D Cube Reader or Spark D Mobile Phone App.


Spark D Test kits are available in boxes of 25 units from Implant Store at £14.36 each (+vat)

Spark D Cube Reader is available with 1 x 25 tests from Implant Store at £899 (+vat)

Spark D Mobile Phone App Reader is available FREE for IOS & Android systems.

Delivery to UK and Europe is available via the Implant Store at Restore Surgical.